How to create a ringtone using our SoundCloud technology

Being integrated with SoundCloud gives our users access to thousands of free songs to help make their ringtones.  Search for an artist or song, preview to make sure its the one you’re looking for, download, edit, and save…bam!

Step 1: Search by artist or song.

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How to make a free custom ringtone

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to make your free custom ringtone.  Quickly go through the following steps, and you’ll be creating custom ringtones in no time.

After you create your first ringtone and create your account, you’ll be able to skip steps 4 to 7.

Step 1:

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Welcome to Trutones!

We want to welcome you to the world’s freshest place for free ringtones, lyrics, and more! 

We love everything there is about music –the way certain songs from our past make us feel, getting rowdy at concerts and festivals, and all the gossip and rumours that circulate the internets. 

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